Where to stay in Santorini?

So you decided – you would like to spend your days off in Santorini this year. You already bought your plane tickets. Or maybe you are planning to go there by the car. You have read many articles that present things worth to see in Santorini. You already wrtote down a plan of things to do during your holiday. Just one thing left – you still need to choose the place to stay. You have consulted it with your colleagues if they know anything about Santorini accommodation but none of them has been here before. Do you want my advice?

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I have been in Santorini (go to blog post) before. Actually, I have visited it a few times. And I have tried various option regarding the accommodation. First of all, I have slept on the couch at my collegue’s place. It would be okay for 1 night, but after a while it was rather exhausting.

This exhaused content will be interesting for You, cause it’s also analizing similar problem as In current article. Beside it’ll show different perspective.

I didn’t really feel like on holiday as my friend was going to work and I have to adapt to her day schedule. I do not recommend it. Later, I make a decision to sleep at a cheap apartment. I wanted to save some money. Nonetheless, you presumably understand how it always works – do not expect the high standard for a low price. That was okey but I don’t want to come back to this place – more information.

I would suggest to think about to book one of various luxury hotels in Santorini. I know what you may think – it is highly expensive. Not always. You could find some promotions. Secondly, the difference in prices between luxury hotels and other Santorini accommodation is not that big as you possibly expect. Specially that there is a lot you would gain – Iconic Santorini!

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Firstly, you could be sure that each of the service is at the highest level. You wouldn’t worry about anything. You could be calm that after coming back to your room, everything would be more that fine. Additionally, I have noticed myself that luxury hotels would help you with pretty much everything. It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a motorbike or ask for suggestion for a nice club. They will help you to book and hire everything you need!

And what is even more essential – please remember that you presumably don’t have that much of holiday days during the year. You work dutifully all year long. Therefore, if you finally go for your holiday in such amazing place as Santorini, you deserve a luxury. Consider it when deciding on Santorini accommodation.

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